Electronic Forms Automation

Goodbye Excel, hello to automated, easy-to-use electronic forms.

Why is collecting and collating information on spreadsheets is a thing of the past?

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If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets, PDF or paper forms to collect, collate and process information from your employees, customers, and suppliers, then you’re making life harder for everyone.

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The cost of manually creating, collecting, and organising information, and sharing it to the right place or person for action or approval, is high. It’s also a tedious, inefficient, repetitive task that drives down staff morale.

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And of course, if you’re handing out paper forms, for example, to potential recruits, then someone must manually copy the data from their handwritten submission to your HR solution. Preferably without making any errors.

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Or perhaps your company expense claims, purchase requisitions and incident reports live on spreadsheet templates which must be downloaded, filled out from scratch, saved with a unique name and forwarded to the appropriate person or department?

For a world used to intelligent, autofill e-forms on practically every website and app, reverting to legacy form formats can feel like a giant step back in time.

Introducing Electronic Form Automation

By automating your most used forms, you can simplify and streamline everyday business tasks. For everybody.

Our Electronic Form Automation solution allows the creation of branded eforms with fields customised to your business. In addition, autocomplete and autofill functionality means they’re faster and easier to use. Best of all, once the form is completed and submitted, it automatically goes to the correct person for action or signoff. The data is then posted directly into your ERP, CRM, HCM or purchasing application.

What forms do most organisations start with?

The most popular electronic forms and workflows we design and implement for our customers are:

Line illustration of three happy employees
Employee expenses
Line illustration of hands with a bag of money and charts
Capex request
Line illustration of a green clipboard with a delivery truck showing an approved purchase requisition
Purchase requisition
Line illustration of a medical report with an alert symbol indicating an incident
Incident reports
Line illustration of a happy employee working at his laptop
IT registers

But obviously, many other everyday forms - unique or generic - can be built and automated.

For example, suppose your HCM application doesn’t support recruitment or onboarding processes. In that case, you can save the HR team precious time by collating and organising job applications, personal employee contact information, and more into one place – all handsfree.

Or maybe you’d like to collect employee feedback regularly? Or submit applications for corporate giving grants, other roles within the business, or workmate of the month nominations?

If you can dream it, we can do it.

Why Electronic Forms Automation is going to get the big thumbs up from your team

Say goodbye to out-of-date spreadsheets

With eforms, there’s only ever a current form. No one can ever use an obsolete version in error.

Submit forms in seconds

With autofill, autocomplete, and dropdown options, form filling has never been easier, more intuitive, or faster. By enabling a thank you screen or message, you know the form has been sent, and you can even track it as it progresses through the company.

Streamline processes and save time

We can add a workflow to your form, so it goes to the right person for review and approval, and then posts the data directly to your application.

Go green and never print a form again

No more wasted storage space, or outdated paperwork that needs to head off for recycling or confidential disposal. Save on paper and ink costs, scanning, and time spent re-entering data.

Find the correct form to fill, and fast

No more asking office admin for paper forms hidden in filing cabinets or stationery cupboards, or downloading Excel or PDF forms from the intranet.

Data validation

Eliminate declined forms due to incomplete fields by enforcing validation (for example, correct phone number formats and email addresses).

Instant imports with our eforms wizard

You can even upload a CSV file to your form to save recreating line items captured on your credit card statement.

Simplify sign off

We can integrate your eforms with an e-signature platform for compliance or approval. Or ask us about our e-signature enabled forms.

Save forms as you go

Enable partial completion without losing previously entered data.

Are you ready to break up with those spreadsheets and PDF forms? Talk to us now.

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