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Are you managing your documents intelligently?

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Cloud document storage is relatively commonplace for most organisations these days. But for many, it remains a missed opportunity.

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For those who haven’t even got as far as the cloud? Well, those growing piles of storage boxes are an ever-present reminder that time has moved on, as you must too.

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However, it has to be said that a static online document repository is like a car without wheels. It holds passengers, but can’t get them from A to B and back again via C and D. Or drop off or pick up new passengers en route.

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Your digitised documents drive your business. However, they need to be accessible to your users so that they can create, edit, share, and manage content. Then route it to the next stop when done. Securely, automatically, quickly, efficiently, and transparently.

Introducing Document Management

Cloud-based document management systems (DMS) abound. But what makes the difference is the intelligent design and application of workflows to move and share documents with others.

Our electronic Document Management solution empowers organisations, large and small, to manage all their content – from anywhere, with any internet-enabled device. Plus, it supports compliance requirements for record-keeping and data security.

With Document Management you can upload new content from a smart device, a multifunction device or straight from your desktop, complete with the extracted metadata that makes it easy to find again. Control who can see and change information, or share it with collaborators. Plus, you can set expiry dates so end-of-life documents can be retired or acted on before a looming deadline.

Our Document Management solution allows you to manage projects more efficiently so that every associated document is reviewed and signed off on time by your people and your customers’ team. Plus you can set up reminders, alerts, and messaging to keep things moving.

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How our Document Management works

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Learn how document management can benefit your organisation and realise significant efficiencies.

Why Document Management should be at the heart of your business

Manage your content

With everything in one place, business just gets easier. Search content by type, subject matter, keywords, order number, creator and more. If it’s there, you’ll find it within moments – even if it’s archived.

Control projects

Streamline project work with every relevant document - from estimates to schedules – in one place. Invite customer collaboration to ensure documents are viewed, reviewed, and signed off in time.

Easy uploads

Share emails, Word and Excel documents, and PowerPoint files directly to the cloud from your desktop, laptop or smart device, or scan-to-cloud straight from your local or network scanner.

Create and collaborate

Set permissions to control who can view and edit documents and content you’ve created, and invite others to provide input. Track changes for review and approval. All with the surety that what you’ve created can only be seen by those intended.

Move documents automatically

Use rules-based workflows to transfer documents from one place to the next as they are processed. Singly or in large batches.

Maintain total productivity

Document Management Automation works seamlessly with the tools you love in Microsoft 365/Office 365, so document management just becomes part of your everyday day.

Take control

Set expiry or action dates and alerts, so nothing gets forgotten. Ever.

Keep current

With Document Management Automation, you’ll only ever work on the most recent version, and changes are saved as you work.

Integrate with everything

By integrating Document Management with the rest of your platforms and line of business applications, all your information is accessible and visible from one place. So say goodbye to content siloes, and hello to a world of possibilities.

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How it works

Redmaps Cloud Document Management System

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