AP One

Simple accounts payable invoice routing.

Why hands-off AP invoice processing is the new business imperative

Nothing brought home the need for streamlined cloud-based accounts payable processes more strongly than the event of COVID-19.

Up until now, there have been two choices. You treat AP as a traditional hands-on job, or you commit to a full accounts payable automation solution. There hasn’t been much in between that’s been reliable, efficient, cost-effective, or fast.

If COVID-19 meant your team suddenly found themselves working remotely, you probably faced the prospect of your invoice approval process grinding to a halt, along with a wait of months to implement a full AP solution.

And the need for a significant level of investment.

Introducing AP One

AP One is a cloud-based document workflow solution that utilises the invoice routing capabilities of a full-function AP Automation solution, making it accessible to more businesses.

We’ve designed AP One to fill the gap between no automation and full automation. Invoices are automatically routed in our workflow solution so that you can forget about having to email (or worse - manually distribute) invoices around the business.

With AP One, you reduce your vulnerability to fraud, and enhance your ability to pay your vendors on time. Your AP transactions become more efficient, and less of an overhead. And processing costs can even be captured by department.

AP One is ready to use out-of-the-box and we can have you up and running remotely within 3 days.

How can AP One help you?

Size is no barrier

Are you currently processing less than 500 invoices per month? AP One is an affordable, but scalable solution.

Location is neither here nor there

As AP One is cloud-based, it doesn’t matter where your AP team or approvers are based, or what time zone they’re working in. All they need is an internet connection and a smart device.

No waiting around

We’ll have your streamlined, automated invoice processing up and running within just days.

Goodbye to time-consuming manual processes

Send your invoices to AP One for automatic and highly accurate data extraction and routing directly to the approver. It’s as simple as that.

Significantly reduce the opportunity for AP fraud

With every change tracked, alterations to transaction amounts or payments, or the addition of new unauthorised suppliers, are visible and auditable.

100% invoice visibility

All supplier invoices and their status in your AP process are visible to the business. So, there’s no need to try and remember who has what when the vendor calls asking for an update or chasing payment. Or who in the business hasn’t signed off their invoice.

Never lose an invoice again

Gone are the days where invoices sit forgotten in files on desks. Once they’re in AP One, they can never be lost or misplaced – or ignored.

Improve productivity and streamline your AP team

Redeploy your AP resources into more value-adding roles in the business while dramatically improving the speed, cost, precision, and efficiency of managing supplier invoices.

Take a stand on sustainability

Say no to generating or handling mountains of paper invoices. Save entire forests and tick all the ‘green’ boxes.

We think AP One is great. But don’t just take our word for it.

I can tell you that everyone from Anthony the MD down loves the product. The ability to know exactly where everything is at any time is so beneficial to the business.

ABBE Corrugated conquers COVID complications with AP One

ABBE operates from a state of the art facility on a 20-acre site in Coolaroo, Victoria, and has delivered customised and sustainable packaging and point-of-sale solutions to local businesses in diverse market segments for over 30 years.
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