Bespoke Product Automations to bring you out of the dark ages.

Have you always done things a ‘certain’ way? It’s comfortable, right?
We hear this all the time, until it gets to the point where the obvious wastage of time and money becomes seriously uncomfortable.

That’s when it’s time to make a change.

To stop having disparate business processes that result in piles of paper stacked on desks and shoved in drawers.

Let’s face it – you have taken the first step by incorporating these software systems into your business processes.

Take your business out of the dark ages and into the light. The size of your business is irrelevant; big or small, you will see tangible improvements including:

  • Increased staff productivity onto things that matter – like generating revenue

  • Reduction in costs eg paper, labour

  • Reduction in time

  • Improved accuracy

  • Real-time reporting and processing

  • Corporate responsibility, ‘green’ business

Annihilate wastage.

Accounts Payable Automation

Would you like transform your paper processes from clumsy to streamlined?

Would you like your processes to move from ‘everyone having to touch every single piece of paper’ to become ‘hands-off’?

Would you like to eradicate the wastage, and improve costs and efficiencies?

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

That’s because it is.

How it works.

It’s pretty simple when you look at it….

See it in action.

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Electronic Forms Automation

Who gets sick of excel spreadsheets? Everyone.

Information collection and collation – it can be an absolute nightmare. Ultimately it is populated into an excel spreadsheet or pdf which is then printed out, and then you see it hoofed around the office with people making notes on it … ummm, WHAT version control!

Your database and information is gold. Not just collecting it and keeping it some sort of order, but making that order useful – so you can leverage the information for your business.

Imagine this.

Your information comes into your workflow, and is automatically routed to the relevant parties. Using the right forms (forms that we build for you) your data can be sent into a specific workflow, or sent to a specific person for actioning. No more printing out spreadsheets.

See it in action.

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Document Management Automation

Have you noticed that the more we want to become paperless, the more information there is, and the more documents we produce?

There are only so many archive boxes you can fit in your office. Not that you want that look, right? And there is nothing more annoying that trying to find a particular document that someone else has filed… potentially in the wrong place.

Centralise it. It doesn’t matter what the format is, we can centralise it and make it super easy to find, anytime, anywhere, from a web browser.

Plus you can search for specific documents and look through categories.

Seriously, this is the sort of automation that makes you think, how did we cope before this!

How it works.

See it in action.

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