Redmap Australia Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

What the Policy covers

Thank you for visiting and using Redmap, we are an online document management and automation service managed by Redmap Australia Pty Ltd and its subsidiary companies, based in Sydney NSW, Australia. We respect and protect the privacy of our users and this policy tells you how we will collect and use this information.

The term “Personal Information” in this privacy policy means any information from which your identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained. This can sometimes be labelled as Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

This policy details all websites, applications, practices and processes maintained by Redmap Australia Pty Ltd. If at any time you do not agree with our policy please let us know.

What we collect

Unlike other businesses, we have very minimal requirements for your Personal Information. These requirements are limited to your name, phone numbers, email address, your employer, position and location. Typically, this information is freely available in email signatures.

Like most businesses, there will be multiple places that data is kept. We are conscious of this and these pieces of data are limited to being kept within our Atlassian products for projects, issues collection and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), along with our online Redmap application,

We may also collect anonymous session data from when you interact with the Redmap application. This is for performance reasons to help target where improvements are required and other troubleshooting. The details may include your IP address, country, device type and browser types.

Collecting your Data

There are multiple ways we might collect your data so that we can continue to work with you.

Information that you give us:

  • When you use our software, some details may be provided automatically by your administrator
  • You may update your profile with your full name, role within the business and potentially an image or picture.
  • Comments that could be made within the Redmap application.
  • Details provided when registering for, or utilising Redmap’s Atlassian software suite for support or project management.
  • Directly at the time of sale and ongoing discussions with you, the customer.

Information that is given to us by your employer:

  • Some details may be provided by your administrator to facilitate login and use of the software when developing a contract with the business you’re employed by, your details including your first and surname, business role and email address may be provided.
  • If you’re a nominated party for project delivery or Redmap Support, a phone number is required also.

Information that we get from the Redmap application automatically:

  • Some application data is monitored to help us identify and improve services however there is no discernible personal information kept.
  • We will also employ the use of cookies or other similar browser tracking technologies for similar performance purposes.
  • The cookie that is used within the application is for the storage of your browsing session data only.

Information from 3rd party applications we use

Information saved into our CRM, project and isssue managment application will be limited to email addresses, names, roles, phone numbers and is shared between each application.

How we handle this data

The data we keep can be separated into providing two functions – CRM and application management.


Some basic information will be saved into the CRM under your employers record, this may be gathered at time fo sale or during the time in which you work for one of our Customers. This typically includes the details that are freely available within your email signature. This information used specifically so that we can engage with you from point of sale, though to project management and issue resolution.

If you contact us via our website to solicit information or support we will require a legitimate email address and any other identifying information you provide, such as a name or phone number. If you want to send us some contact or feedback from our website, you do not need to identify yourself or use your real name though a valid email address is required for reply.

Redmap application

Within the application, we need your email address so that you can login and we can send emails to you. Depending on your setup, you may need to set your role and/or location to assist in the processing of documents.

Using your Data

We want to keep things simple.

We use your personal information primarily to keep in contact with you.

This may be:

  • via an automated email to advise you of actions that needs to be undertaken
  • contacting you when needed to update you with marketing material like an upcoming event you may be interested in
  • contacting you to inform you of software and or system updates that may affect you
  • where we have requests for feedback
  • by providing proactive & reactive support
  • when interacting with project and issue management applications

Your responsibilities

Never give us any other personal or sensitive information including your password.

Should you ever be requested to provide your password to use our systems, please contact us immediately on so we can understand and address the problem quickly.

Sharing of your data

Whilst we don’t do it often, it can happen.

  • We may use your information to assist in the support of an issue you may have with one of our third party partners. In this event, you’ll be notified.
  • We may share your details with a potential purchaser of our business. In this event the potential buyer will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • We may provide details when compelled by Government agencies. In this event, you’ll be notified.
  • We may share with other entities or situations where we have your direct consent.

Complaints and data requests

You may request access to the Personal Information we hold about you. You can request us to update your Personal Information if you find that it is not accurate, up-to-date or otherwise incomplete. You may also make a complaint about our handling of your Personal Information.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, we will need evidence of your identity before we can grant you access to information about you or change it.

You can contact us by email or phone. We will undertake to respond within 2 days. If the request or complaint will take longer to resolve, we will provide you with a date by which we can expect to respond.

Protecting your Personal Information

The online services Redmap use are hosted in Australia in secure facilities hosted on AWS and the Atlassian ERP. To help protect the privacy of data and personal information we collect and hold, we deploy maintain multiple technical and administrative safeguards. We update and test our security technologies along with training staff on an ongoing basis.

We train our employees about the importance of confidentiality and maintaining the privacy and security of your information. Access to your Personal Information is restricted only to employees who need it to provide benefits or services to you.

We may require access to your systems from time to time to provide ongoing support. We will provide this access to support users by adding their credentials to the system and allocate them a role of Support Resource. Login details for your systems are housed in a secured and encrypted password vault ensuring only those that require access to the details have it. Should you wish to not provide us with a permanent login, you can provide details to connect to your environment should the need arise on a case by case basis.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a direct relationship with us, but believe that a Redmap subscriber has entered some of your Personal Information into our systems, you’ll need to contact that subscriber to raise questions you have about your personal data including where you want to access, correct, amend, or request that the subscriber deletes your personal information.

Security of your information

We take the security of your information seriously. All communications with us should be by an encrypted TLS connection (https). If you see websites or other connections where this is not the case, please advise us immediately here.

All your documents, databases and backups are encrypted at rest.

Our CRM is locked to staff only requiring access to your information and only accessed by secured TLS connections.

Application analytics

To improve your experience in our application, we may use ‘cookies’. Cookies are an industry standard and most major web sites use them. A cookie is a small text file that our site places on your computer to help remember certain preferences. You can opt to not allow the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, but if you do this, the application may be slightly impaired. Please note the cookie is only used to assist in maintaining where you are when using the application.

Our corporate website may contain links to other websites. Should you wish to visit these sites, be advised Redmap is not responsible for their privacy policies and you should read the policy applicable.

Data Retention

Whilst we wouldn’t want to see you go, we will keep your CRM information for up to 3 years to assist with any future enquiries you may make of us. If you wish your details to be removed immediately, please let us know.

In our hosted Redmap application, in the event that you do move your system out, once the data has exported and validated as received and usable by you, we’ll purge all records from documents, databases and backups within 30 days.

Our obligations

Our online services are bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) including the Australian Privacy Principles.

Contact us

Contact us about your privacy concerns.