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Sage X3 ERP Integration

Drive bonus efficiency when you combine Sage X3 and Redmap Automation

Your operations are humming along, but your accounts team are working overtime to keep up

Sage X3 is the ERP of choice for many manufacturing and wholesale/retail companies looking for visibility into their operations. But with many organisations processing thousands or even tens of thousands of invoices monthly, making sure that payments are processed promptly is tough. With each one needing to be approved and recorded, that is a massive amount of administration!

Automate everything but the exceptions

By introducing Accounts Payable Automation, you can simplify your AP process dramatically. Redmap matches each invoice with the appropriate purchase order, and as long as all the details are the same, it is automatically processed. The invoices that have a discrepancy, or that do not have a purchase order, are routed to the appropriate person in the company for review.

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Optimise your ERP Investment

Redmap is taking their 10+ years of experience improving document-driven processes to design the most user-friendly and efficient Sage X3 AP Automation solution.

This means:

  • Complete transparency into outstanding invoices at any given time
  • Elimination of human errors that occur naturally with manual data entry
  • Scalability for business growth and to help manage natural fluctuations in work throughout the year
  • Availability of real-time data to assist decision-making
  • Quick and easy accessibility of files, making audits or customer queries a breeze

It is time to eliminate the time-consuming administration that consumes time without adding value to your business and uncover new levels of efficiency.

Calculate your ROI

Implementing AP automation with Redmap will mean that 75% of the invoices will go straight through to be processed without finance needing to do a thing. That’s an enormous efficiency gain.

Efficiency and visibility of vendor invoices in aged care

Find out how myHomecare overcame their invoice administration challenge and gained visibility into their vendor invoices and cashflow with Redmap and Sage X3.
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Drive bonus efficiency when you combine Sage X3 and Redmap Automation

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