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Pronto Xi ERP Integration

Extend the functionality of Pronto Xi with Redmap Automation.

How can you achieve best practice and dramatically reduce the processing cost of supplier invoices?

You have invested in Pronto Xi to help you nail your business goals and manage your day-to-day business activities better. Now, you are looking at how you can maximise your investment and make your team even more efficient. Here at Redmap, we are Pronto Software’s official solution partner.

Redmap and Pronto Xi have a full integration

Full integration.

You want to partner with a company who understand the intricacies of your ERP and analytics system. With more than 100 implementations, our software is the leading AP Automation solution for Pronto Xi because we know the system inside out. So, you can take advantage of years of finessing, and implement best practice efficiency for your finance team.

One of the primary factors that led us to select Redmap was their experience with Pronto Software. It was clear in speaking with them that they knew the payables functionality of Pronto Xi probably better than we did, and that gave us great comfort.

Improve your bottom line with major cost efficiencies.

By integrating our automation solution to Pronto Xi, we’ve helped customers reduce the cost of processing their supplier invoices by up to 75%. Here’s how:

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Process automation means that most of your invoices move through the business without needing human interaction.

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Extensive customisation = extra cost. We believe in best practices with minimal customisation to get the best outcome for your business.

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Streamline your AP team and ensure that it is scalable, no matter how much your business grows.

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Real-time data for effective decision-making.

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Improve accuracy and ensure that invoices don’t slip through the cracks.

Spend less time chasing invoices and more time on what matters.

With AP automation, you eliminate time-consuming tasks like cross-checking the bank account details on an invoice against those recorded in Pronto Xi, taking calls from vendors to discuss invoices, or locating old invoices for the purchasing department.

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I was tired of listening to my Finance team answering calls from vendors/staff members asking about invoices. It was a total waste of our time following up invoices that had not been processed due to discrepancies or digging out copies of historic invoices for the purchasing department.

Ready to see it in action?

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How AP Automation works

How AP Automation works

3:38 min

Let us take you through the AP Automation process.

Learn about Redmap’s Receipting

2:03 min

Receipt the PO and approve the invoice in Redmap.

Automatic Statement Reconciliation

Automatic Statement Reconciliation

2:29 min

Learn how we can reconcile your Vendor statements.

Powerful Dashboard Reporting

Powerful Dashboard Reporting

2:50 min

We provide you total visibility over your invoices and their status.

Search Everything

2:11 min

Forget those old archive boxes, we have you covered.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say.

Discover the powerful visibility a Redmap + Pronto Xi Integration can give you.

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