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Easy invoice approvals without licencing woes.

Experience true efficiency with AP Automation, document management and electronic forms.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you will know that it helps improve the visibility and processing of invoices through your business. Still, your team will need to manage all the manual invoicing tasks.

Any manual data entry and processing will invariably include some human error. These errors can result in delays to payment approvals, misplaced invoices, or duplicated payments within the accounts payable department. As a result, these issues can cause internal friction and damage supplier and vendor relationships.

That is where AP Automation can deliver a strong return on investment for your business. But what is the advantage of using third-party software like Redmap to facilitate this?

No licence, no worries.

Microsoft have moved to include AP Automation in their AX product suite. It is a move that only validates the demand for such automation.

However, what if the person needing to approve the invoice doesn’t have an AX/Financials licence? This is where products like Redmap really add value.

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Easy API integration.

If you are one of the 20,000+ companies around the world using Dynamics AX ERP, our AP Automation software can help.

It allows you to speed up your invoicing process and ensure you make on-time payments to your vendors every time. Plus, all of your invoices are trackable and easily located, making compliance and audits as easy as possible and minimising the chance of fraudulent activity.

A quick demonstration.

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How AP Automation works

How AP Automation works

3:38 min

Let us take you through the AP Automation process.

Learn about Electronic Forms

2:03 min

Leave that old excel sheet behind and use our electronic forms.

Discover more efficient Document Management processes

2:29 min

Learn how document management can benefit your organisation and realise significant efficiencies.

Discover the powerful visibility a Redmap + Dynamics365 Integration can give you.

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