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Easy automated invoice approvals for the aged care sector.

Do more with less when you automate 75% of your invoicing.

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If you’re using AlayaCare for residential, or home and community aged care, you’re already improving care outcomes, and driving profits and productivity. But manual invoice processing is probably taking its toll on your busy team from the never ending pressure to process, review, and approve high volumes of vendor invoices within a short timeframe.

Redmap’s AP Automation reduces the administrative burden – by up to 75%. So there’s more time for your operational team to focus on clients, and for your finance team to add more value to your organisation.

Easy, logical, and effective hands‑free invoice processing.

Our AP Automation system extracts the data you need, electronically validates it, and routes the invoice to the appropriate resource for approval. Once approved (which only takes the click of a button), the invoice is then posted to your ERP for payment.

The process is accurate and logical, the interface is easy to use and understand, and you have transparency into supplier invoices. Plus, with comprehensive inbuilt reporting, you can track how the process is working and the benefits it delivers.

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Impacted by IPA changes?

If you’re a community care provider, the introduction of the Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA) means you’ll no longer receive advance payments for your client. Instead, you’ll be paid in arrears.

This change has left many providers battling to process thousands of small vendor invoices and log each against a client account. Each invoice is different, and some are even handwritten.

But if you fail to complete this process, you forfeit the government payment for services provided, and will be left out of pocket.

We can help. Redmap has expanded the range of data which can be extracted from vendor invoices to include the client’s name and service date (even if handwritten). It processes the transaction, posts it in your ERP, and matches the invoices to the individualised care budgets in AlayaCare.

So you’ll never wear the cost of a missed vendor invoice.

Reconciling vendor invoices with claims

Let’s run through five possible use cases to look at how they apply to the invoices you receive from vendors.


Invoice - Verification

The invoice is received and cross-checked for errors prior to being processed. These checks include making sure it isn’t a duplicate invoice, ensuring the vendor is registered for GST and others. This improves compliance and removes tedious checking from the AP team.

Standard Invoice

The invoice received does not relate to a client managed in AlayaCare. In this scenario, the invoice is routed to an approver for their authorisation and upon which it is posted to the ERP for payment.

AlayaCare Invoice - Matched Visits

The invoice received matches the costing of the care visit in AlayaCare. In this scenario, authorising the invoice marks the visit in AlayaCare as reconciled and the vendor transaction is posted to the ERP for payment.

AlayaCare Invoice - Unmatched Visits

The invoice received matches to an visit in AlayaCare, but there is a variance. For example, the vendor has charged 90 min of work instead of the 60 min scheduled. In this scenario, authorising the invoice updates the visit in AlayaCare to 90 minutes and marks it as reconciled. The vendor transaction is then posted to the ERP for payment.

AlayaCare Invoice - Unscheduled Visits

An invoice does not have a corresponding care visit in AlayaCare, perhaps because the client managed the appointment. In this scenario, authorising the invoice will create the visit against the client’s account and the vendor transaction will be posted to the ERP for payment.

Efficiency and visibility of vendor invoices in aged care

myHomecare process 50,000 invoices each month from small vendors for mowing, cleaning, meals and transport services to large platform providers with hundreds of staff provided.
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How AP Automation works

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