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Easy automated invoice approvals for the aged care sector.

Reduce your invoicing process from seven steps to one.

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If you're using AlayaCare you're already improving care outcomes and driving profits and productivity. But if you are one of the 50% of aged care providers whose invoices pass through three or more hands from receipt to entry into AlayaCare and the ERP, you could see serious efficiency gains by implementing AP Automation.

Redmap's AP Automation alleviates the administrative burden

Reducing the process from invoice receipt to filing from seven steps to one. This leaves more time and resources to focus on providing better care to older Australians.

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Automated reconciliation of vendor invoices to visits.

The introduction of the Improved Payment Arrangements added a substantial administrative burden to the already over-stretched aged care workforce.

With every service event needing to be claimed individually, care managers are battling piles of untracked, and sometimes hand-written, invoices that need to be individually entered into their ERP, reconciled to the appropriate visit in AlayaCare, and claimed via Services Australia. The result?

  • Untracked invoices mean zero transparency for the care provider
  • Stressed and over-worked care managers spending time on data entry instead of client care
  • High risk of missing a Services Australia claim and being left out of pocket
  • Difficulty locating specific invoices for any vendor enquiries
  • Poor cashflow if not pre-booking care events
  • Potential to forfeit the claim if the recipient has departed (under the 70-day rule)

We can help. Redmap Accounts Payable Automation can scan vendor invoices to extract the information (even if hand-written) and reconcile it to the booking event in AlayaCare. Plus, Redmap will check whether the vendor is registered for GST, ensure the invoice isn’t a duplicate, and verify the bank details against the system to minimise the risk of fraud.

All of that means that your care managers can get back to the business of providing better care for older Australians.

Read more about Reconciling vendor invoices with claims

By claiming for services in the month they were delivered, you get reimbursed up to a month earlier

Eliminate under-claiming.

If you are one of the 72% of providers who haven’t been pre-booking care events because you want to avoid processing adjustments, then you already know all about the extended cash flow gap. But there is a better way.

When Redmap reconciles the vendor invoice to the care event in AlayaCare, it automatically processes a Services Australia adjustment if the invoice total doesn’t match the pre-booked amount. If it can’t find an event booking, it will create one in the system to ensure a claim can be processed against the appropriate care package.

Helping you manage the 70-day rule.

According to a recent AlayaCare and Redmap poll, 97% of home care providers are paying invoices to vendors for clients who have been discharged more than 70 days prior. Under the IPA changes, they cannot be reimbursed for these claims.

Because our integrated AP solution enables companies to claim services in the month they are delivered without fear of underpayment, you can plug this funding leak and ensure that Services Australia will reimburse you for all money spent.

Make governance and compliance a breeze.

How long does it take your team to check the vendor's bank details against the system, verify the dollar value against the event booking, confirm whether the vendor is registered for GST, confirm the invoice isn't a duplicate, and manually enter the invoice into the system?

When you automate the process, not only are these steps completed instantly and automatically, but the business has visibility into committed spend against funding claims every step of the way. No more piles of paper on people's desks or untracked emails. Redmap's AP Automation also enables easy PTRS reporting with a feature that checks and tracks the invoice email receipt date, payment date and customer terms.

Just a few of our happy clients

Efficiency and visibility of vendor invoices in aged care

myHomecare process 50,000 invoices each month from small vendors for mowing, cleaning, meals and transport services to large platform providers with hundreds of staff provided.
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