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Aged Care

Let’s face it. In the Aged Care industry, there is enough to do, enough to worry about, and a shipload of compliance to work through.

Efficiency is the dream ticket – and automation is the key.

In the past 10 years Redmap has been helping Aged Care business become more and more efficient, pushing efficiency forward so that they can spend their time delivering amazing service and lifestyle to their clients.

Imagine only having to interact with 5% of the total invoice volume that you might be having to wade through today.

Here’s how it works technically:

Our Redmap AP Automation sends invoices for approval based on the location for which the service is delivered, or the role that is assigned to manage that Vendor. That means that the AP / Finance doesn’t need to be across every single invoice approval – allowing them time to focus on so many other opportunities.

If you are in this space, and feel like you are drowning in process, you actually have nothing to lose in talking with us.

Nothing to lose, and 95% efficiency to gain!


The construction industry paperwork trail can be like a massive, tangled ball of string, that can easily unravel at any time.

Ultimately of course, any construction project is about making a profit, and to get that right, tracking the individual project costs is key.

That’s where Redmap comes in.

Manually processing invoices? No thanks.

Applying changes and delays to those invoices by hand? Nope.

Chasing down the approvers, who are generally out on site? Yeah, nah.

And then there are the costs that weren’t even quoted, keeping compliant with the Security of Payments Act, not to mention the increase of activity at the end of the month… it can be a One Big Hot Mess.

Redmap’s solution to automate the vendor invoice processing relies on the PO data in ERP to check invoices. If there is an invoice that doesn’t match the PO, it is sent to the relevant party for authorisation.

There are complexities and questions required to smooth the workflow. No doubt. Questions like:

Is the invoice within the allocated funding?

Meaning, can the invoice be easily approved by a resource and is within the budget…

Or, is the invoice outside of the budget?

Meaning, the appropriate approval resource would have to be identified, or the invoice would be on-charged….

Or, is the invoice for work that had to be re-done?

Meaning it was not up to standard, or was damaged by another contractor….

Redmap knows which questions to ask, and what to do with the answers for an automation that will, actually, make your life easier.

Inventory / Project Management

Ok, it’s not really an industry. More like an occupation – however, anyone in this space knows the tedium and time wastage in ticking, checking, ticking, checking – matching invoices against PO’s. Aren’t there better things to do with your time? Um, yes, there are.

In our experience, when you start automating your AP invoices, things will change vastly for the better, and fast.

If you have control of your procurement and your team, and have valid and accurate lists, it will be considerably easier to process.

  • Check the invoice

  • If there is a difference, send it to the PO raiser to manage

  • Otherwise it goes straight through without any interaction from the team

Which is what happens 76% of the time, if you have purchased inventory.

If you are purchasing services, this is typically lower, but that is only because the receipt is not actioned when the service is delivered, but rather when the invoice is received.

We can help with that too though, with the Redmap Receipting Module, which allows for the invoice and receipt to be posted as one action.



The mining industry is one unlike any other.

There are myriad moving parts – people and machinery flying in, and flying out, and of course having to manage remote locations out the back of nowhere.

So knowing where any one invoice is at can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Then there is the challenge of mines status’ changing – from feasibility to production, to care and maintenance. And when these things happen, invoice volumes can explode. That’s not an ideal situation.

The Redmap AP Automation for Mining means that our customers can see instantly where their invoices are at.

No more waiting for the supervisor to come back from 7 days off – let’s just have that invoice re-allocated to get it processed now.

And if an invoice has sat stuck in someone’s pigeon hole for an extended period, that re-allocation can happen automatically.

No more waiting.

No more guessing.

Always knowing and being able to see the status.

That’s control, right there.

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