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Spend less time processing invoices and more focused on client care.

Aged Care Accounts Payable is easier with automation.

Limited time and resources within Aged Care make operational efficiency a top priority, particularly with competition in the market increasing.

Compliance and regulatory requirements are becoming more onerous, and aged care providers are turning to technology to reduce the administrative burden in their accounts payable department.

Physically checking and approving every invoice before manually entering the data into the client management and ERP systems is time-consuming and error-prone. If paperwork is misplaced, it can result in lost revenue, wasted time, and upset suppliers, not to mention challenges at audit time. Plus, the added pressure of the Improved Payment Arrangement (IPA) in the community care sector means that companies may not be reimbursed for services delivered if the appropriate process isn’t followed.

On top of this, aged care organisations often lack visibility around money coming in and going out each month.

How AP Automation works

How AP Automation works

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Let us take you through the AP Automation process.

Make processing invoices painless.

With AP automation, you can automate 95% of your invoicing, so you can focus on everything else. Wondering how it works?

Our AP Automation system extracts the data you need and electronically validates it and routes the invoice to the appropriate resource. The invoice is then posted to your ERP for payment.

Plus the system can match those charges to specific client budgets ensuring better management of their budget. Want to add an administration fee, we have you covered for that too. The process is logical, the interface is easy to use and understand, and you have full transparency into supplier invoices.

We’ve been helping Aged Care organisations reduce their reliance on paper and drive internal efficiency for over 10 years. Talk to us about how you can take the pressure off with AP Automation.

Redmap has been a gamechanger for us. When those changes came into play on 1 September, we were able to transition through to the new IPA system with minimal issues.

Keep your files in order.

Across the board, Health and Aged Care continue to be primarily paper-based. As the sector pushes to move away from archive boxes and filing cabinets and towards a more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly digital process, a robust, logical, and consistent filing system is key.

Our document management system ensures that the information you need is readily accessible anywhere, any time. Role-based controls keep your confidential client and employee information safe and secure, so it is only available to the appropriate people. Archived documents can be quickly located via a search tool, and your team saves time previously spent digging in a filing cabinet on providing client care.

Whether you need a client's care record, one of last month’s invoices, or the latest Australian National Aged Care Classification paperwork, intelligent document management makes it easy.

Learn more about Document Management

Efficiency and visibility of vendor invoices in aged care

myHomecare process 50,000 invoices each month from small vendors for mowing, cleaning, meals and transport services to large platform providers with hundreds of staff provided.
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