ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning.

Imagine your ERP software maximised. That’s what we do.

ERP Automations can be a beautiful thing.

Seeing every little menial task required to operate your company, being condensed into one complete, streamlined system.

What does that mean for you and your business? Transformed bottom line profitability. Simple.

What our customers often don’t understand is the added value of the visibility – you being able to see your processes working, in real time, right in front of you. What is that value? You see bottlenecks and issues before they actually happen. Now that is gold.

Rather than write a long list of words about how it actually works, we’d like to show you instead.

Just choose whichever software is relevant to you (click on the button above) and you’ll see some videos on how it can all work.

If your ERP isn’t there, don’t sweat it – just contact us to see if a generic integration exists.

SunSystems Automations

Redmap has partnered with Forpoint to develop specific integrations for SunSystems, allowing customers to automate their vendor invoice processing.

It’s a marriage made in heaven.

To see it working for yourself, watch some of our videos – just click here.

AP Automation
Electronic Forms
Document Management

AX Automations

It can be confusing to know what this product is actually called in the marketplace.

What’s NOT confusing though is the seamlessness of the Redmap integration.

We don’t care what you call it, maybe Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Finops or AX, we’ll squeeze every single drop of efficiency out of it. Just watch us.

AP Automation
Electronic Forms
Document Management

Xero Automations

Xero is bringing big player ERP system functionality to the small business playground, and we’re playing. Hard.

Want to process your invoices in a seamless and automated fashion like the big boys? Let’s get on the roundabout together.

AP Automations
Electronic Forms
Document Management

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