Need to bulk requeue your stuck invoices back into your workflow?

When life happens and processing supplier invoices doesn’t go to plan, sometimes starting again is the best option. But there’s no need for that to be a slow or painful exercise.

Imagine this scenario:

You have a big batch of invoices that have been manually completed, but need to be resent for coding, approval and posting to Pronto for payment. Or perhaps they’re just stuck in the workflow and going nowhere fast.

The suppliers, meanwhile, still need paying!

Your options are to grin and bear it (which is never a great idea and unlikely to align with AP policy!) or to reroute them back to the beginning of the workflow. Every last one of them.

The good news is that as long as they entered AP Automation at the start, you can quickly sort the issue out. And best of all, you don’t need to do the requeue one invoice at a time. As the name suggests, with our Bulk Requeue function – you can requeue them in bulk!

Get it sorted in three easy steps!

  1. Go to Search to find the invoices and use the filters to sort them. This will produce an exceptions list.
  2. Click the Requeue All checkbox to select the entire exceptions list or highlight them individually.
  3. Hit the Bulk Requeue Selected button on the toolbar, and hey presto, it’s done.

All the selected invoices will be sent back to the start of the Redmap workflow for reprocessing as new invoices and will be revalidated.

If you’ve accidentally selected an approved item for requeueing, never fear – it will go straight to export!

Why the bulk requeue feature will make you happy

No one likes doing things twice.

With bulk requeue, you can sort out a big problem in no time at all. Minimal fuss, minimal effort!

Win brownie points by adhering to AP policy. The only good exception is a fixed exception! Bulk requeue makes it easy to reprocess invoices, so you capture the necessary codes and approvals and get them into Pronto for payment.

Can’t use the bulk requeue feature?

We rolled out the bulk requeue function in Redmap AP Automation as part of our Redmap 5.4.4 Patch 4 back in August 2020. If it’s not working for you, just let us know, and we’ll get it sorted pronto. To note, though, the feature is only available to members of your AP team.

Got it, but haven’t used it? Click here to view the full (but extremely simple) user instructions.

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