BSA gets more done - in half the time - with Redmap AP Automation

8,000 - 10,000 Invoices per month
Over 400 employees
24 Locations Australia-wide

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Macquarie Park, NSW, BSA Limited is a solution-focused technical services organisation. They assist their clients in implementing their physical assets, needs, and goals in Building Services, Infrastructure, and Telecommunications.

BSA's geographic footprint stretches across 24 locations Australia-wide, and they employ over 400 people.

Out with the old AP automation, in with the new and improved

BSA's busy accounts payables team processes between 8,000 and 10,000 invoices monthly through their ERP - Pronto Xi 740.3.

Like most Pronto customers, the majority of BSA's invoices are subject to a Purchase Order - and the vast majority of those POs are special orders.

Always an early adopter, BSA implemented a customised AP Automation solution from another vendor to help manage the AP function back in 2012. But as the organisation continued to grow, the solution reached capacity, and BSA knew they could do better. So in 2018, Pronto introduced Redmap to BSA as an alternative.

"One of the primary factors that led us to select Redmap was their experience with Pronto. It was clear in speaking with them that they knew the payables functionality of Pronto probably better than we did, and that gave us great comfort," says Leon Keady, Group Treasurer for BSA.

Now it's all hands-off for the AP team!

Redmap's priority was to improve BSA's ability to match the data from the invoice against the PO (or other business logic) and either post it directly to Pronto or send it to a resource for authorisation.

Due to their many years of working closely with Pronto and deep understanding of the application, Redmap quickly implemented their standard, out-of-the-box, Pronto-specific workflows.

Now, all BSA's invoice data checking, matching, and routing is done in a fully automated state and requires no input from the finance team. This automation resulted in a dramatic decrease of effort to manage the AP process to the tune of over 50%.

Some surprising benefits

"I expected the decrease in effort and ease at which the invoices flowed through the business from the Redmap implementation," says Leon.

"It was some of the other benefits realised that surprised me. The dashboard reporting allows me to know exactly what is going on at all times, and that means the team and I can make more effective decisions, in real-time. Furthermore, given that a portion of the work that we perform is re-billed to customers, faster AP invoice approval meant faster AR invoicing and, therefore, quicker turnaround on cash.

“I estimate that Redmap has helped us realise an additional two days of cash every month; that's 10%."

A low risk, on-time (and amazing) implementation

Key to the success of any software project is the implementation strategy, and Leon was highly impressed with Redmap’s smooth project roll-out.

To help control change in the business, Redmap sent the BSA solution live one business unit at a time. This staged approach was especially important given the breadth of the company and the number of resources involved.

"The team and I were delighted with the implementation support of Redmap," says Leon. "It was obvious to us that after years of implementing Redmap in Pronto customers that they had developed a process that minimises project risk and ensures on-time delivery. My contact at Redmap was a great judge of when to escalate items to me as the sponsor and when to let the project team work them out."

In fact, the implementation went so well that Leon says: "Redmap is, by far, the most successful technology project I have run at BSA."

It was obvious to us that after years of implementing Redmap in Pronto customers that they had developed a process that minimises project risk and ensures on-time delivery.

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