About Redmap

Our company and our people.

We have a single-minded vision behind everything we do:

We invest in our people and innovation to deliver products our customers will love.

For the last 10 years, our focus has been on ensuring we obliterate waste in document-driven processes. So you can spend less time shuffling paper, looking for lost documents, killing trees, and doing things the hard way.

Our corporate values help keep us on track. How?

We put you at the centre of every decision.

Asking ourselves, “what problem is the customer trying to solve?” allows us to stop thinking about the 1s and 0s of the code and focus on your user experience.

We believe saying “no” can be the right answer.

We believe that not all ideas are great ideas, and that it’s our duty to speak up when we hear one that’s not in your best interests.

We do the right thing by our team.

So you have happy, constructive and positive people to work with.

We are accountable for our decisions.

We have no problem admitting when we make a mistake; we own it.

We only do sustainable.

We’re not interested in short-term decisions/strategies, no matter the potential payoff.

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