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Who we actually are

At Redmap we are all about saving and stripping.

Saving time, stripping waste and creating a new, better version of your business.

Creating lean, mean process automations that transform businesses, just like yours.

Which is how we have helped over 50,000 companies around the world improve to become better in so many ways.

Now that we are well and truly a leader in cloud software, and a preferred Pronto Partner for AP Automation (they don’t give those away too easily), it could be a great time for you to get lean and mean, and transform your own business.

Because you guys, our customers, you come first.

Sure, everyone says that, right? It’s in the Vision Statement blah blah blah….

But for us, if we can roll out a process improvement automation that transforms a business into the best version of itself, then we have succeeded in making sure your goals are not just met, they are smashed out of the ballpark.

Then you are seriously coming first, both with us, and with regard to your competition.

That’s called winning.

Find out more about the people behind Redmap.

Ben Woolley

Ben is obsessed by a few things, but the one he’s most famous for is Customer satisfaction. And golf, that too.

He’s often quoted as saying that his role is a blend of firemen and arsonist. While he’s adept at quickly and efficiently putting out fires, and even pre-empting them, Ben is also an expert in lighting a flame to get things moving faster, better, and stronger for our customers.

Redmap started as a small document management business in 1998, and is now an international leader in document automation. Ben was instrumental in the development of the AP Automation Strategy, and its’ subsequent execution.

There is very little Ben doesn’t know about stripping waste from customers document driven processes, and nothing he likes more than seeing a business improve, with customers being amazed at the hours, dollars, and amount of stress they have saved with Redmap’s products and integrations.

Ben developed and implemented an OEM strategy for Toshiba worldwide. The result? Software being sold on every continent of the world (excluding only Antarctica), totaling 45,000 units, and the sale of that IP to Toshiba.

Outside of Redmap, Ben is all about golf, and teaching his sons about working hard, and the importance of working towards a goal.

He is the Captain of the Men’s Pennant team at Royal Queensland Golf Club, batting as high as number 3, and is also a member of the Australian Golf Digest top 100 ranking panel.

If you are someone who likes a no-nonsense, straight up approach, then you’re going to love Ben.

Ben Woolley
Afshin Baktashi

As the CTO at Redmap, Afshin is responsible for software product management, and innovation – applying his problem-solving skills for good.

It’s all about delivering the best possible user experience for him, whether it’s for the customers, or the internal stakeholders, and leveraging technology to make that happen.

While driving the company forward with new and ground-breaking strategy is part of his jurisdiction, he’s equally focused on making sure the staff are happy, that they are getting what they need to do the best job they can. It’s a well rounded approach he takes to all facets of Redmap – technology, people and innovation, all working together seamlessly.

Afshin has worked with some big brands over the last 24 years, both overseas and in Australia. He’s been instrumental in development several software products from the ground up, and launching them to become successful applications.

Recently, he transformed our own development team based in Manila into a more successful product delivery team through the adoption of DevOps – a methodology based on changing and improving the relationship between development and IT operations. With the team, he implemented agile methodology, and integrated the operational side of the business into the development processing.

This all means of course further improvement of user experience – and that’s what drives Afshin from day to day.

The cloud strategy which is very successfully utilised within the Redmap structure is a result of Afshin’s dedication to delivering the best possible outcome, and which will continue to please customers across all our industries.

On the personal side? This guy cares.

He cares about the customers, and about the staff, and is a good family man who is always happy and positive. Yes it can be annoying, but we love it. You will too.

Shane Tomkins

Shane became a member of the Redmap team in 2005, initially coming on board as a technical consultant, to now being the CIO.

He has used a number of his impressive skills with the company over the last 14 years, while working in a variety of roles. From sales to project management and delivery, right through to training and customer service – Shane knows the business, the technology, and the clients, inside out.

In 2013, Redmap started working in the ‘cloud’. At this time, Redmap didn’t really have a cloud product, so Shane became responsible for that part of the business, preparing for growth and evolution as the cloud became more mainstream. Then, most businesses were looking for assistance getting their existing on-premise setups ready for the cloud – so Shane worked with the Redmap stable of customers to fully prepare them.

It’s funny the things that different people remember – one of the milestones he reflects is the day that that their data cracked the 10TB mark. That was a while ago now.

One of Shane’s greatest achievements was the reorganising and restructuring the system because of this cloud technology, then migrating it to it’s current AWS environment (that’s Amazon Web Services for non techies). No small feat, particularly with the customer numbers in the Redmap stable.

Shane is zealous and obsessive about keeping watch over the technology landscape, as it changes exponentially from one day to the next – and being able to apply those new pieces of process so the Redmap customers are constantly benefiting.

Outside of Redmap, he is, you guessed it, a massive sci-fi nerd. He’s also super keen on sport and keeping active, so does love a game of touch footie – he’s been playing it for over 25 years.

His latest discovery? Brazilian Jiujitsu. Watch this space….

Martin Szyndler

Martin has been with Redmap since 2005, and brings a mountain of industry experience with him. He’s all about the results – working on myriad projects with laser-point focus – and has a very healthy track record of positive outcomes.

In this game, communication is key, and that is a core strength that Martin adds into the Redmap team. To survive and thrive, project teams need to be nurtured. They need to know that their working relationships are positive, strong and productive – and this is where Martin excels. He’s all about getting that balance right, meaning that project delivery methods are smooth and efficient.

Here at Redmap, Martin leads the PMO Practice, supporting the team to deliver successful solutions and methods that the customers absolutely love. That’s his key focus – happy, satisfied customers.

The AP automation implementation strategy is another feather in Martin’s cap – he designed the initial architecture, tweaking, reviewing and implementing – paving the way forward for our current best practice.

Martin’s qualifications include a Bachelor in Computer Science, and a Masters in Business and Technology. So don’t mess with him when it comes to this stuff – he’ll always win.

Outside of Redmap (is there such a thing?) Martin loves spending time with his family, friends, and long days on the golf course practicing his game.

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