About Redmap

Our company and our people.

We have a single-minded vision behind everything we do:

We invest in our people and innovation to deliver products our customers will love.

For the last 10 years, our focus has been on ensuring we obliterate waste in document-driven processes. So you can spend less time shuffling paper, looking for lost documents, killing trees, and doing things the hard way.

Our corporate values help keep us on track. How?

We put you at the centre of every decision.

Asking ourselves, “what problem is the customer trying to solve?” allows us to stop thinking about the 1s and 0s of the code and focus on your user experience.

We believe saying “no” can be the right answer.

We believe that not all ideas are great ideas, and that it’s our duty to speak up when we hear one that’s not in your best interests.

We do the right thing by our team.

So you have happy, constructive and positive people to work with.

We are accountable for our decisions.

We have no problem admitting when we make a mistake; we own it.

We only do sustainable.

We’re not interested in short-term decisions/strategies, no matter the potential payoff.

Meet the leadership team

We’re proud to have a reputation for being fair, genuine, down-to-earth, and customer-focused. Here are some of the faces behind the Redmap name.

Ben Woolley


From a modest start in 2000, Ben has grown a small business specialising in document management into an international leader in document automation. He was instrumental in the development of our AP Automation Strategy and its subsequent execution.

Adept at quickly and efficiently understanding and even pre-empting customer challenges, Ben is regarded as a thought leader in business process optimisation.

Ben designed and implemented an OEM strategy for Toshiba worldwide, resulting in an industry-changing product called Re-Rite and 45,000 software sales worldwide. The product IP was subsequently sold to Toshiba.

Outside of Redmap, Ben applies that same go-getter attitude to golf. He is the captain of the Men’s Pennant Team at Royal Queensland Golf Club and a member of the Australian Golf Digest Top 100 ranking panel.

Afshin Baktashi


Afshin was part of Redwood Systems which merged with Instant Document Retrieval to form Redmap back in 1996. He applies his significant problem-solving abilities to software product management and innovation. And in particular, delivering an exceptional user experience.

While part of Afshin’s responsibility is to drive the company forward with new and ground-breaking strategies, he’s equally focused on ensuring that Redmap offers a positive employee experience. He takes an integrated approach to enabling all facets of Redmap – technology, people, and innovation – to work together seamlessly.

Recently, he transformed our Manila-based development team into a more successful product delivery team through the adoption of DevOps. Afshin’s dedication to delivering the best possible outcomes resulted in a cloud strategy that is now integral to how we do business.

Before joining the Redmap family, Afshin worked with various local and international brands. In addition, he has personally been instrumental in developing and launching a portfolio of popular software products.

Afshin is known for his optimistic attitude and positive approach to both our business, and the wider community.

He holds Master’s in Business and Technology from UNSW.

Shane Tomkins


Shane joined us in 2005 as a technical consultant. His impressive skills span sales to project management and delivery, right through to training and customer service. He knows our business, the technology, and clients, inside out.

In 2013, Redmap started working in the ‘cloud’. Shane was responsible for ensuring that Redmap and our customers were ready to embrace moving from on-premises to the cloud. He counts migrating our technology environment – and all our customers - to AWS (Amazon Web Services) as one of his greatest achievements.

Shane is a true technology enthusiast, and is constantly looking for opportunities to apply what he’s learned to the benefit of our customers.

Outside of Redmap, he is a huge science fiction fan, and a keen athlete and sports fan with over 25 years of playing and watching football under his belt.

Martin Szyndler

Project Director

Martin joined us in 2005, bringing a wealth of industry experience with him. He leads our PMO Practice, supporting the team to deliver successful solutions using methodologies that generate delighted customers.

Martin has a proven history of successful project outcomes. His ability to communicate with and nurture our project teams results in positive, strong, and productive working relationships, and smooth and efficient project delivery.

Our AP Automation implementation strategy is another feather in Martin’s cap – he designed the initial architecture, tweaking, reviewing, and implementing – paving the way forward for our current best practice.

Martin loves spending his free time with his family and friends, and dedicating long days on the golf course to improving his game.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s in Business and Technology.

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