ABGAL simplifies document and email management with Redmap

100% Family owned and operated
Manufactured in Queensland
Supplies over 15,000 liners annually

ABGAL Liners & Covers has covered and lined Australian swimming pools since 1976.

A combination of experience and technology make them industry leaders in their field of high-quality, flexible plastic fabricated products.

An Australian success story, the business remains proudly 100% owned and operated by the Long family. ABGAL products include above and inground pool liners, pool covers and solar blankets, tank liners and covers, shade sails and sporting covers. Their ultra-modern Queensland-based operations facility manufacturers and supplies over 15,000 liners and covers annually to the local and overseas market.

First, managing masses of paperwork

ABGAL implemented Pronto Xi in 2007. They then looked for a system they could integrate to their ERP to handle the mass of documentation generated as part of their business processes.

“At first, I was focused on the work orders that we generate for each liner or cover that we manufacture,” says Garry Long, Managing Director of ABGAL. “The work order, which is generated by Pronto Xi and then printed on a job card with shop floor drawings attached, is sent around the workshop as part of the manufacturing process, and there is information written on it at each workstation. Storing that completed work order is critical to our control processes, so I wanted to be able to file it and retrieve it easily.”

ABGAL asked Redmap to implement their document management solution to help them handle their work orders more efficiently. To achieve this, the work order is filed in Redmap with specific filing data. In addition, some data is sourced from Pronto Xi, such as the customer’s name and any reference information relating to the work order number.

Redmap’s document solution has made keeping up with work order management a breeze for the ABGAL team.

“So basically now, without getting up from our desk, anyone in the business can retrieve those work orders,” says Garry.

“This has made life easier, especially in the summer months. As you can imagine, we are busiest in those months, and that meant that the work order filing could get behind, which made finding recent work orders problematic from time to time.”

But wait, there’s more!

Redmap’s great work didn’t stop there. Following the success of the work order project, Garry and the ABGAL team saw opportunities to use Redmap in other business areas, including storing customer- and supplier-related emails and accounts payable records.

Now, each email sent to ABGAL is archived into Redmap. To ensure data privacy, Redmap checks the domain of each email (for example supplier vs bank) and only grants search access to confidential emails to authorised users. Emails that relate to a customer or supplier already captured in Pronto can be searched for on-demand by all staff.

“The centralisation of the email has made life much simpler,” says Garry. “There is no more waiting for the resource that sent or received the email to find it and send it to us, or even to bother them with the request for it at all. Instead, I can just go to Redmap, select the customer and see all correspondence relating to them.”

While he considered Redmap’s AP Automation solution, Garry says that their current invoice volume is ‘modest’, so for now, it remains an option for the future. In the meantime, the business decided to use Redmap’s document management solution to securely store their supplier invoices, purchase orders, shipment details, and other accounts payable documentation.

“We opted to use Redmap to store the AP related documents, and it was a relatively simple project with a considerable upside,” says Garry. “We are ISO accredited, and our auditors love the ease at which they can find the information, and they are confident that the processes we have in place are well controlled.”

Redmap - a well-deserved reputation

Garry discovered Redmap through two other technology partners who sang their praises.

“It is funny how small a town Brisbane is. Toshiba had introduced Redmap to us as we deal with them for their photocopiers and I was interested in it. Then Pronto Software took the ABGAL team to a site visit as part of our investment process, and the customer was also using Redmap.”

The relationship with Redmap has delivered everything promised, says Garry.

“I am glad that I went with Redmap, and I’m very happy with their service and delivery. They genuinely seem to care about their customers, and the solution has done what was expected. We are now discussing some of their newer developments to further integrate Pronto Xi and Redmap.”

As a side benefit, ABGAL also reclaimed some valuable floor space and reduced the burden of storing paper documents.

“When we constructed this building, we designed a fireproof room for our document storage,” says Garry. “That room now serves as a stationary storage room and, more recently, COVID-safe PPE and sanitiser.”

We are ISO accredited, and our auditors love the ease at which they can find the information, and they are confident that the processes we have in place are well controlled.

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